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Selasa, 30 Agustus 2011

Cross CB99t

Cross CB99T a hybrid hp 3 on supporting multi-slot with the details of GSM + GSM +CDMA. The presence of HP's 3 cards or so-called hybrid phone this is definitely asolution for us who want the 3 cards in one hand of the different operators.

Interestingly the three slots can operate together. But to connect to the internet onlyGSM network that operates while for CDMA can not be used for browsing. While evenequipped with TV, Cross CB99T can not record live TV and used to watch TV whenthe battery can only last for 2 hours.

The screen measures just 2.2 inches. Not very relieved indeed. The advantages of this phone-in my opinion, lies in the support of only 3 cards. Since you must choose this phone because its features Hybrid. If not for that, the global mobile phone with the same price range, 'roaming' mobile phone market the country and certainly comes withsome more cool features.
Again, the advantages of this phone is thanks to the support Hybrid technology is therein.

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